Q. Does Allen’s Gun’s and Leather sell guns?

A. Definitely, we are a licensed FFL gun dealer.

Q. Is Allen’s Gun’s and Leather a “Class 3” or NFA dealer?

A. No, not at this time.

Q. Does Allen’s Gun’s and Leather do transfers?

A. Yes, a single transfer is $15 plus the $10 TICS fee. Transfers for multiple firearms on the same transaction are $15 for the first one and $15 for each subsequent one plus the $10 TICS fee.

Q. Does Allen’s Gun’s and Leather buy used guns?

A. Yes, we will buy them, we will not LOAN money on them, we are not a pawn broker.

Q. Does Allen’s Gun’s and Leather take trades on guns?

A. Yes. We’ll trade for just about anything we don’t have to feed.

Q. I have a gun that I don’t know the value on, can Allen’s Gun’s and Leather tell me what my gun is worth?

A. We will give you our best opinion on it free of charge. We do not do written appraisals.

Q. Can I meet someone at your store to conduct a private party sale of a firearm?

A. ABSOLUTLY NOT! …UNLESS, the seller is transferring the firearm to Allen’s Gun’s and Leather and the buyer is willing to pay the transfer fee AND submit to a background check for the firearm. This is a federal law and Allen’s Gun’s and Leather policy. No Exceptions.

Q. If I drop my gun off for cleaning, do I have to go through a background check to pick it up? And can I send my wife/girlfriend/son/daughter/neighbor to pick up my gun?

A. No and NO, as long as it’s picked back up the same day as it was dropped off and only the person who dropped the gun off may pick it back up.

Q. Does Allen’s Gun’s and Leather have a firing range?

A. No, we do not.

Q. Can I carry my gun at Allen’s Gun’s and Leather?

A. ABSOLUTLEY! Please keep all carry weapons holstered unless need arises, in which case, judicious marksmanship is greatly appreciated!

Q. Does Allen’s Gun’s and Leather have a gunsmith on duty?

A. Not on duty at the facility. However, we have a working relationship with local gunsmiths and will gladly broker whatever work you need done on your firearm at our facility. Please call for more details. 865-986-4888

Q. Does Allen’s Gun’s and Leather teach concealed carry permit classes?

A. Not at this time. Please check back with us periodically as this is something we are working on offering at some point in the future.

Q. Does Allen’s Gun’s and Leather sell safes?

A. Yes.We can order several different sizes and brands from our suppliers.

Q. What are Allen’s Gun’s and Leather store hours?

A. Our current hours of operation are Tues-Fri 10AM – 6PM and Sat 10AM – 3PM or until the last customer is served.